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Performance Matters

At Scribe Fusion™, our technologies were developed by an award-winning team of deep learning experts. We move beyond deploying out-of-the-box OCR/ICR software using artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do.


Achieve levels of accuracy that are not possible with existing data capture products.


Process high-volume loads efficiently on your hardware or ours.


Minimal-friction deployments, mixing and matching our software with your existing solutions.

Learn how Scribe Fusion can help your business reach new levels of automation and efficiency.
Our Platform

Our Platform

95% of all business processes include paper documents. Indexing and capturing data from these documents is a manual, expensive activity. Scribe Fusion automates and streamlines these tasks delivering an immediate return on investment.


  • Handwriting (ICR)
  • Machine Print (OCR)
  • Data Validation
  • Back-office Integration


  • Automated Data Entry
  • Decrease Labor Costs
  • Increased Automation
  • Increased Accuracy


  • Healthcare Forms
  • Insurance Forms
  • Government Forms
  • Checks and Invoices

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